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"Hello, is it possible to use the drug doxycycline and clarithromycin at the same time"

"I was assigned to it from cervicitis, white blood cells were significantly elevated in the smear. Convenient form of release-capsules of 50 mg and 100 mg. I took 100 mg 3 times a day for 7 days, as the doctor appointed, although in some cases a longer course is required. During the reception, I had no side effects of nausea, headaches and other things, in general the drug is well tolerated. After treatment with this drug, the smear became good, so it really helps. To a lesser degree than other antibiotics depresses useful flora"

"Augmentin - good antibiotic. But treatment with Augmentin, as well as with other antibiotics - is an extreme measure, what else to say. We must not run our diseases"

"A very serious and exhausting disease of the respiratory organs is bronchitis. This indomitable cough, shortness of breath, weakness and anxiety surrounding. Very much tried on myself the people's means. But what folk remedies, if you were occupied by bacteria and began to multiply freely on your bronchi. Bronchitis is always exacerbated when a favorable environment is created for these bacteria and your immunity against viruses in the body decreases. Thank you all the same to our medicine, and to those people who are working on creating medicines to fight against bacteria and viruses. This drug antibiotic Zithromax (Azithromycin)"

"Augmentin. I have been using this antibiotic for a very long time. First, he was prescribed to me when I was sick with angina, I had to drink it with a course of 10 days, I drank it - he immediately helped me! Then Augmentin was prescribed to my husband when he had a flux and the gums simply inflated. In this case, he also helped. The drug is expensive, of course, but it really helps to cure infectious diseases. I trust very much these antibiotics, so from time to time I get them to be just in case. Of course, there are side effects, of course, my head starts from Augmentin, and my husband has diarrhea from them. So the disadvantages are small, too. The child in general, these antibiotics can not be given in any case, you can put the liver. Only for adults"

"In today's review, I want to talk about the antibiotic Zithromax (Azithromycin). This drug was recommended to me by the therapist for treatment of purulent sore throat. Price, pleasantly surprised. I was prescribed to drink one tablet, once a day, for three days. Already after the first pill I felt an improvement, the temperature slept and did not rise again. When I drank all three tablets, I felt completely healthy, but the doctor said to gargle for another seven days. Side effects during the reception of Zithromax (Azithromycin), I did not notice, probably within three days the drug did not have time to negatively affect the body. In conclusion of my review, I want to say, the drug is very effective in treating inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and ENT organs, it acts quickly, side effects I have not found, besides, it does not have a high price. Definitely recommend it, after consulting with your doctor. Thank you for your attention to my review"

"Hello dear readers. I want to tell you about one quite effective and inexpensive drug, namely about the Antibiotic "Amoxil". Not so long ago, my wife got an earache and decided to go to a specialist. With this, we have not been joking recently, since we had had sinusitis before. It is better to immediately resort to treatment, as practice shows. Lor looked and directed to the dentist, as she did not see her there. I ran right away, she was right - I had to remove the figure eight - the wisdom tooth. Apparently from him and hurt my ear. The dentist recommended after the extraction of the tooth to drink this antibiotic, but if necessary. And such a necessity came, because the pain did not stop the day after the removal. I must say that after taking this medication, the pain disappeared the next day. I draw a conclusion about the good effectiveness of this drug. In general, an effective and inexpensive drug. In our case, he helped"

"Good evening, dear readers. With the drug "Doxycycline" I met when I got a cold. There was weakness in the whole body, a runny nose, started with a single crock of a full bouquet. A friend advised me a pharmacy, antibiotics-, said he orders the drugs only from here. I found doxycycline, but I really did not have much faith in the fact that they would not help me, because the price and take only once a day (maximum 2). Doxycycline is available in capsules, it is easy to drink, there is no special taste in tablets. Taking 2 days of this medicine, I felt 70% recovery. In addition to this drug, nothing else was taking. Now he is always in my medicine chest and as soon as the first signs of illness appear, I immediately take it. And I order everything only on this pharmacy. I wish everyone good health, do not be ill"

"It is, frankly speaking, expensive compared to other antibiotics, and all possible side effects are clearly spelled out in the instructions, and yet it works perfectly. I was prescribed it after cesarean section (the seam did not heal, it festered), as the only possible with breastfeeding, no adverse reactions occurred. Further I came across him in the treatment of angina, so he at the same time and started cystitis cured. His husband was appointed with orz, he also did not cause any adverse reactions to this antibiotic. The doctor said that augmentin is also called a child's antibiotic, as it is more sparing for the child's body than cheap drugs. The only downside is the price, at the reception of her husband and asked: "Do you have the money?", And then explained that if the finances permit, it is better to shell out for it than to take cheap drugs, if antibiotics do have an urgent need"