“Let enjoys a slight movement of the hands, body and legs, let the movement “aimless” will be a creative joy. Let appreciate, will love movement as such. He will understand that movements, like letters, like people, are different and have a special character, and strength, and softness, thoughtfulness, effectiveness, can Express sympathy and antipathy — and all this without a head, deadening sense, but all of itself, that is, movement as thoughtfulness or movement as antipathy or sympathy. Let him love not his body, but the movements that he makes with the help of the body, which has become an instrument and an objective instrument for making movements.”

System fitness periodically throws the people some unique innovations — either in the form of a set of exercises, which will help to “fix” health, or even a single exercise that can replace in your health aspect of all the other exercises “wholesale”. In a word, it creates a “health product” that attracts people to gyms, stadiums or just sports grounds. And this is great: it is necessary to develop the industry of sports recovery, not medicine!

But when immersed in any health system or when performing any exercise, such as planks, it is necessary to clearly understand that this immersion is primarily in your own body, which by the age of 30 can have a variety of subtle and seemingly minor ailments. For example, scoliosis of the spine, which creates asymmetry of the back muscles, leads to difficulties in using these muscles or managing them when performing even simple exercises. This refers to the S-shaped scoliosis of 2-4 degrees with visible to the naked eye back deformity. The fact is that very often girls and boys with this problem have also rigid (inelastic) muscles of the lower extremities, weak arms and chronic back pain associated with twisting of the back muscles. But S-shaped scoliosis is not a disease, it is just a feature of physical development, though wrong. But it (scoliosis) used, pills he “asks”, so often no attention to scoliosis people don’t pay. Under this complex physical inferiority, of course, there is, especially have girls, but people with him live and even engage in sports.

Young people also do not pay attention to chronic headaches — just swallow pills, but the vast majority do not consider this problem a disease. Many people associate this problem with the weather, poor sleep, and girls — with menstruation. And people live with these pains, albeit on the background of pills, which is dangerous for some sports Hobbies, such as “planks”. But more on that later.

Fashion for sports does not allow people to soberly assess their health, and many lash out at certain “sports” fashion quite recklessly. At the time it was the fashion for bodybuilding — body building with exercise machines, dumbbells and barbells. It began well, but ended this craze for the mass use of steroids, which, although they make the muscles relief and powerful, but at the same time destroy the body and its functions — cardiovascular and sexual. Barbells and simulators are great “work” and without steroids, but it already requires discipline, patience and consistency: stop doing, and once beautiful relief muscles SAG and swim fat (as they require exercise). And although the effect of such exercises is enormous, as it prolongs the health of the blood vessels, but in General-to engage in laziness…

Another thing steroids: month shaken, and you’re Superman! Here is only Superman you only for Dynamo magazine or photos in phone, and for women you lost!

Another fashionable “treatment” thrown into the people by fitness is running from a heart attack. On the one hand, running is an aerobic cyclic training for the heart muscle — myocardium. That is, a person who regularly engaged in running, has a healthy heart, as during the run, the muscles of the lower extremities perform the function of the peripheral heart. So say the physiologists, and with them it is hard to disagree, because every muscle is kind of a little heart pumping blood through the blood vessels passing inside of her. Blood goes from muscle to muscle, and the result is a kind of “anatomical train.”

But cardiologists don’t want to admit they are not profitable to admit that in our body in addition to the main heart is still 654 little “hearts” (muscles), synchronous which while running the load from the myocardium moves on them and they pump blood from the bottom (of the foot) to the right ventricle of the heart. So works a large circle of blood circulation, and the myocardium at the same time, paradoxically, resting. No wonder it is noted that people engaged in physical exercise throughout life, diseases of the cardiovascular system are extremely rare.

In adults, as a result of systematic training, hypodynamic myocardial syndrome usually develops, characterized by a decrease in the shock and minute volume of the heart at rest, which reflects the more economical work of the heart. This type of response of the cardiovascular system to regular exercise (of course, in the proper amount) is biologically more appropriate, because it provides a subtle adaptation of Central hemodynamics and microcirculation to the required level of metabolic processes in the conditions of muscle activity. These vascular phenomena can and should be used as adaptive and compensatory mechanisms in metabolic metabolic disorders in order to restore the body to the relative norm. Cardiologists do not want to recognize the existence of this phenomenon, because in this case, many of them will simply be left without work. But people have noticed that with regular aerobic cyclic exercise (these include running, swimming, walking, Cycling) improves heart function.

With regular aerobic cyclic loads (these include running, swimming, walking, Cycling) improves heart function.

“If a man himself takes care of his health, it is difficult to find a doctor who would know better useful for his health than he himself” (Socrates, the Athenian philosopher).

“The physician cures diseases, but nature cures” (Hippocrates, ancient Greek physician).

The most striking proof of the effective therapeutic activity of running was the experience of a cardiac surgeon Nikolai Amosov, who by the age of 64 had undergone two heart operations, but never improved his cardiovascular system. Then he basically changed his lifestyle and began regularly Jogging (such a load is called “run from a heart attack”) and created in addition to this health craze system “1000 movements” — that is, a system of different exercises with small weights (dumbbells up to 2 kg), which included a total of 1,000 movements per activity.

All his relatives and cardiologists were against such trainings, but Nikolay Amosov lived 90 years in full health and without tablets. The only trouble that happened to him at a late age was that at the age of 84 he had a very serious back pain and he fell into depression. But after living for some time without running and 1000 movements and feeling worse, especially on the part of the heart, he again began to practice in the fresh air, and the program of 1000 movements increased to 3000.

And here I want to make a remark to such a “run from a heart attack.” Now run all began, but few fans of these exercises understand that Jogging require compliance with certain safety regulations. Yes, security! What are these rules?

  1. It is necessary to be able to control the pulse (heart rate-heart rate) and depending on this to build a running load. Now on sale there are heart rate monitors that help to easily monitor the heart rate while running or performing any exercise. How many would you not ran, should know, that after running performance the frequency heart cuts should not exceed the next figures: 220 minus age in men and 205 minus half of age in women. But this is the maximum possible figure for relatively healthy people without heart disease — all the rest I recommend not to exceed the figure of 140 beats per minute immediately after the completion of the running load, provided that the pulse is restored to normal or close to normal figures in five minutes. The norm is the pulse before running. The indicator close to the norm is ±10 beats per minute. On the load say these numbers after 15 minutes of running, but if you feel it is not in a hurry.
  2. Do not strive to overcome a long distance with maximum speed. This reduces the adaptation of the heart to the load. Hobby marathon or other long distances, to overcome which takes more than 15 minutes, is permissible only for somatically healthy people.
  3. It is impossible to run with excess weight (for weight loss) is a serious mistake which can lead (and many leads) to development of the deforming diseases of joints of the lower extremities (knee, hip and ankle). Nikolai Amosov was a rather thin man. Joint pain, which appear in obese people after running, it is difficult to remove anything. And even healthy people with a large body weight (more than 80 kg) running is not recommended, especially in the city, on asphalt. Running is 1000 strokes on the joints of the legs and lumbar spine, so those who run regularly with a large body weight can have a healthy heart, but the joints of the lower extremities and the spine (osteochondrosis) will be sick.
  4. Before running, it is necessary to seriously prepare the joints of the lower extremities and the spine with the help of joint exercises (from the book ” sore knees: what to do?”) and to complete running performance these same exercise, desirable with rubber shock absorbers.
  5. Before running, it is recommended to take a cold shower (bath), and after running-contrast, ending with cold pouring and self-massage of the whole body with a towel.
  6. The most important rule (after the first five paragraphs): if you started to run — run always, regularly, at least three times a week, otherwise the body “falls apart.” Yes, that’s right: health for life is not enough! Organism and vessels require regular applying fresh blood, and if this command stops, then begins dystrophy (extinction) all organs.

In our time, there was a good replacement for Jogging — cardio. But to engage in them, you must either visit the fitness center, or have them at home. They are safe when performing the above six points. Thus, the craze for Jogging also disappeared, there were only a few fans. Nikolai Amosov said that when he started running, many people, up to 100 people, started running with him for the company. But after 15 years, there were only four of those he started running with…

But fitness experts throw “magic” exercise systems continue: business must be supported by diversity. For example, at one time there was a craze for “aerobics for weight loss.” The main adept of such aerobics was the famous American actress Jane Fonda. She urged that fat should be burned by overactive gymnastics, and showed off her slender figure with abs cubes on her stomach. And many women on it, as they say, “were led” and started “burning” the body until understood that actually they “burn” both a breast, and buttocks. “A men not dogs: on bones not challenge, so all should be in measure, and from gymnastics, too, need to receive pleasure”, — equivocate later Jane Fonda and sharply has reduced assault on bodies. Now she is 80 years old and shows a beautiful and slender body with all the feminine charms.

Aqua aerobics is also a fashionable occupation for obese people, and women with pleasure began to jump in the pool, the benefit of the earth’s gravity in the water is almost not felt, and there is no load on the joints and spine. Such exercises are especially pleasant to perform under the guidance of a young beautiful instructor who shows various movements to the music on the side of the pool. But, as practice shows, the effect of such gymnastics is more psychological than somatic. To lose weight in the pool, it is necessary either to make the water powerful energetic movement from 50 to 100 repetitions each (which akvaaerobiki not capable in principle), or to swim without stopping at least 1500-2000 meters at a speed of III grade swimmer (is able to do no more than 5% using the swimming pool).

There is another new fad — Nordic walking, that is, walking on the ground with ski poles, but without skis. This method of transportation is possible in summer, spring and autumn — at any time of the year when there is no snow. This recreational hobby also belongs to the category of aerobic cyclic loads and also has a great healing effect: walking by itself, and work with hands, and fresh air are useful. And due to the lack of age restrictions, such loads are especially attractive to older people who are not able to run, do not have the opportunity to go to the pool and do not want to go to the gym or aerobics classes. Time pensioners have, no worries, so they are armed with sticks, left in parks, on embankments, in the woods and went, went… they usually go in groups, small or large — in the company’s more fun: and with peers to communicate, and a show sports man, not a dust or a mess.

Such engaged in Nordic walking today, the majority, and it’s fine: it’s better than from morning to evening sitting at the TV watching countless TV shows. But there are a number of problems, or rather comments. Natural, that is, Wellness, Nordic walking involves still active work with his hands, as on skis. If the ski you’re not going to push off the snow with sticks, the effect will decrease to ninety percent. Working hands — so work the lungs, heart, shoulders, brain. Actively work hands-means Fund these organs oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. Not to work is to deceive yourself. And so when doing Nordic walking and talk once, and harmful to the heart-the rhythm is lost. And for any aerobic exercise, the main thing is the rhythm, stable and clear. And walking with sticks at a walking pace and without active hand work is just walking with sticks in the fresh air. It’s not bad either, but it’s not Nordic walking!

The proper technique of walking with sticks (and every person this technique is still an individual) in the training for the heart mode more than 15-20 minutes to withstand hard. But if you go correctly, powerfully pushing hands and in good pace, then and 15-20 minutes will be very effective and for hearts, and for declining weight. But there is one ” but ” – the joints of the lower extremities: deforming arthrosis of the hip, knee or ankle joints Scandinavian walking is not recommended.

But what really happens? A person (usually older than 50 years) comes to the doctor with complaints about the joints of the lower extremities. The examination showed the presence of deforming joint diseases. Such people are advised to use walking crutches-canes (Canadians) with particular emphasis in the forearm. They allow move freely enough quickly, but “on the hands of”, i.e. with emphasis on cane. At the same time, the load on the deformed articular surfaces of the lower extremities and the axial load on the spine are sharply reduced. As the saying goes, backpack on back, and went forward. But no — they show off, there is no other way to say: take a stick for Nordic walking, in which there is no support for the hands, and go like athletes. In addition, with Nordic walking sticks they begin to walk more than with normal walking, although the impact on the articular surfaces is equally devastating.

With deforming arthrosis, a person walks “on the bones”, and not on the muscles and ligaments, as it happens with normal joints. But people do not understand that every step in arthrosis, for example, of the knee joint is holding a rasp for metal on the articular surface. At the same time, walking on “Canadians” in the rhythm of Scandinavian walking is quite acceptable even in the presence of deforming diseases of the joints of the lower extremities.

Thus, before you dive into any recreational hobby, you need to think carefully and carefully analyze the state of your health. In modern kinesitherapy there is a principle: “the Right movement heals, the wrong cripples.” That is, the movement itself, or the system of movements, will not help if a person is poorly oriented in his health and badly manages his body.

And now there was a new invention of fitness-the bar. Around this exercise instantly created a network of delights and fictions: they say that it replaces all the exercises, because when you perform the bar included all the muscles of the torso. And they say that the bar treats a herniated spine, helps to get rid of back pain and promotes weight loss. Maybe so, but let’s try to understand the features of this exercise and understand who can and who is dangerous to perform it.

It is important to understand that this exercise is isometric, that is, when it is performed, the length of the muscles does not change, and the tension occurs in a static mode. This means that there is no main therapeutic function of muscles-contraction-relaxation, or “muscle pump”, as physiologists say. When performing the plank muscles freeze and hemodynamics decreases sharply, because the movement of blood through the vessels occurs inside the muscles. And if to consider that all blood vessels pass through muscles and come to an end with the thinnest vessels — capillaries through which there is a metabolism (metabolism), then all organism freezes also, even for 6 seconds — for the time recommended for performance of a lath.

Plank is an isometric exercise: when it is performed, the length of the muscles does not change, and the tension occurs in a static mode, that is, there is no main therapeutic function of the muscles — contraction-relaxation.

For a healthy person, these 6 seconds — a trifle, which is not necessary to think about. The main thing in a level-external effect: try and you to lie down on a floor, to extend hands forward and to tear off a body from the earth, relying only on fingers of the extended hands and feet. Beautiful, nothing to say! There are other versions of the bar, more complex. For example, the initial position the same, only focus fingers hands and legs on balls (basketball). In this case, the cerebellum, responsible for coordination, is activated. For athletes, such a complex exercise will be a good test of muscle coordination, and for non-athletes? At first glance, it seems to be simple: do not run, throw or pull up — you just need to pull the whole body and freeze.

Everything would be fine if you:

  1. No diseases of the cardiovascular system-any, even the most innocent, such as minor hypertension or arrhythmia.

If the blood flow is delayed, the isometric load can ” blow up “the heart in 1-2 seconds, that is, cause a hypertensive crisis, and then you will need emergency medical care”03”. In the presence of minor aneurysms (saccular bulging blood vessels), which can be felt clinically but the overflow of the blood vessels (the plank effect) aneurysm can burst, and in this case, emergency help will not arrive in time… Not worth talking about chronic hypertensive, and especially the people who had ever myocardial infarction, even small injuries. Sometimes people with similar problems, hidden from friends, during some feast, too, do not want to “lose face” and repeat the bar after their healthier friends. Not always everything ends well, and people with cardiovascular problems can feel the “delayed” effect of the bar the next day. In short, if the blood vessels runs unevenly, and even intermittently, do not tempt the body short-term suspension of blood flow (hemodynamics).

  1. No chronic headaches.

It is necessary to know that the brain consumes 25% of all blood oxygen every day, and there are no muscles in it. And the dependence of the brain providing it with fresh blood that flows into it mainly due to the muscles of the body, huge! Headaches – this is hypoxia, that is, lack of oxygen in the vessels of the brain. But even if headaches are infrequent, but regularly and at the same time there is a need to take pills “from the head”, in this case it is better not to think about the bar: well, if the result is a slight dizziness, and if there is a stroke? Planck is a temporary six-second hypoxia of all organs and tissues. Healthy and feel, but the sick tissues and organs will feel this barbecue blow necessarily.

There are many other exercises, quite complex and safe, which are also not ashamed to show in the company — for example, push-UPS in different starting positions, in which almost all muscles also work, but the blood flow does not freeze. The main thing is to breathe properly!

Push-up options:

  • From the floor-straight legs,
  • Foot in focus on knees,
  • Legs-arms wider than shoulders,
  • On one hand,
  • Between chairs and so on.
  • No bowel problems-diverticula, constipation, hemorrhoids.

These diseases (usually delicate and carefully hidden from friends) after the plank can cause a variety of complications, of which the simplest is a hernia of the white line of the abdomen. But there may be internal bleeding. In addition, there is a disease — ptosis, or omission of internal organs. With a sharp tension of the abdominal muscles (abdominals) who are actively involved in the performance strap, and weak abdominal muscles (and one of nisportino he is strong?) weakly fortified organs can literally come off and go down – in the pelvis. And if there is already an omission, it is even lower. This is usually the case with women who have had a difficult birth, who try to appear healthy at the same time. Especially if these women are engaged in any health-improving exercises.

And in General, for healthy people who do not have the above health problems, the bar is a spectacular way to demonstrate their prowess with short — term tension of the whole body. There was an “iron Samson” who did not have an outstanding physique, but thanks to regular isometric exercises tore chains and performed many other phenomenal power tricks. He lived, however briefly… whether it is Necessary so to exhaust your body, it is a personal choice of each individual. But it is better to do push-UPS on balls: it is useful and effective!

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