Incredibly, many diseases we often invent themselves, for fun or boredom! And we could spend hours Queuing up at the clinic, indulging our sores, but it would not only be a waste of time, but a threat to health. It will be much better if you give some of this lost time to training, and every day, in any weather, swimming in the pool, skiing, gymnastics or Nordic walking. And the lucky one who follows this advice will forever forget what a duty therapist is.

Nordic walking is a fashionable modern sport for people of Mature age. But Nordic walking is not just walking with ski poles, it is a way of life: walking in the fresh air helps to breathe asthmatics and cores, and the coordination of brain lobes serves as a prevention of brain diseases. But, as in any other physical activity, to achieve positive results, you need the right technique to perform such a walk — it is not enough just to pick up ski poles and go to the Park. Therefore, before you start to engage, you need to take at least a few lessons from a good instructor.

Nordic walking is an aerobic exercise that older people can afford. It is especially recommended for weight loss and General health prevention in diabetes: with this disease, a person’s blood flow worsens, and walking plays a positive role for the whole body. But it is important to know that even such a seemingly harmless hobby has a number of contraindications: arthrosis of the ankle, knee and hip joints to engage in Nordic walking is categorically not recommended.

In arthrosis of the ankle, knee and hip joints, Nordic walking is contraindicated.

But “real men” do not always go to the doctors, and exercise they begin to engage in the last place. Many mistakenly resort to self-medication. Using the information that flows down on us from TV screens, from the Internet, advertising posters and from the pages of magazines and Newspapers, a person can help himself, but can also hurt.

To self-treatment did not cause harm, and the person could continue to fight for their health, you need the correct diagnosis and method of treatment from a proven specialist. But not every doctor is engaged in medicine at the call of the soul, which means that he can show insufficient attention to the problem of the patient, especially in complex treatment.

It is important to understand that sooner or later all people face health problems. As long as we’re young, we don’t care, but then it’s too late. How we will be prepared for any situation in life and how, if necessary, we will be ready to fight for their lives, depends only on ourselves. In addition, many ways to preserve health and prevent the development of various diseases do not require much money or a lot of time — sometimes it is enough just not to do what is harmful.

Choosing a recreational activity for the soul, it is important to remember that you need to engage regularly and (at least at the beginning of classes) be sure to consult with a specialist. Then you will be able to live for many years, being in good health, cheerfulness and good mood!

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