Colds attack, we get sick of them several times a year! From time to time, a real pandemic of colds begins, and now a person has the flu twice in a row, and from the SARS cycle he does not escape! But what do we usually do with these diseases? We drink an antiviral agent, wrap ourselves in a blanket, put on wool socks, drink a liter of hot tea and go to bed. And few people know that this method only relieves symptoms, but does not make us completely healthy.

Experts say that the normal temperature in the bedroom at night should be 15 degrees, and during the day in the room-18 degrees. Cold? But this is the level of immunity that was laid to us by nature. With the advent of Central heating, we began to fear the cold, although it is cold that is our main physician.

Normal temperatures in bedroom at night must be 15 degrees, and day in room — 18 degrees.

Furthermore, thermal treatments can be hazardous to health. Warming up, thermal wrap, sitting in the bathroom or Hamam threatens the development of cancer cells.

With increased sweating, which occurs at high body temperature, bacilli do come out with sweat, but after that any draft can easily blow cured on a hot stove and lead to the development of chronic disease. In this case, hardening does not occur, and the disease will come a little later.

But in one Krasnoyarsk kindergarten pupils for 20 years tempered in the following way: children standing barefoot in the snow, poured from buckets of cold water! And these children are not sick! First, the kids go to the steam room, then run out into the street and with joyful cries pour buckets of water on themselves!

It is important to know that the process of thermoregulation is not included anywhere, but in the brain. The center of this process is in the hypothalamus. Native Russian tempering to pour yourself after a bath a bucket of refreshing ice water or plunge in an ice hole with the head — this is quite a harsh option, but it is suitable for anyone who wants to stop sick with the flu and SARS!

Epiphany frosts — the classic procedure of hardening. People, young and old, plunge into the hole, and if you perform such a dive correctly, no one will get sick.

The first secret is to be sure to dive with his head-only then will be good. There is a second secret: the procedure should not be delayed. Come, and you need to immediately dive into the water! And, of course, if you have problems with the heart or blood vessels, it is very important to consult with a specialist before such a procedure.

Russian bath is one of the most effective physiotherapy procedures in the world. In the bath used to go after hard work or a hard day, warmed up and sweating, and not to get even warmer! We never thought that the strongest effect of the Russian bath is achieved due to the contrast of hot steam and ice water.

This works as follows. When exposed to the heated body of ice water from the sharp contrast of temperatures activates the protective reaction of the body, and just a couple of seconds the body temperature can rise to 42 degrees, and in fact at 43 degrees already boils blood! But our body is the most perfect biological system: raising the temperature to 42 degrees for just a couple of seconds, it resists the effects of all harmful cells and microorganisms. In such a “steam room” no virus will survive, and for the human body such an impact will only benefit, which is proven by centuries of application of bath procedures.

Conduct a shock “shake – up” for the immune system-what is not an occupation for the most daring? But first you need to disperse the blood and do a little warm – up, and after the procedure dry yourself with a towel — from head to toe. Then you can drink hot tea and listen to the feeling of renewal and freshness, which is sure to appear throughout the body. With such a sharp, shock hardening of the immune cells of our body are activated and stand up to fight against all harmful cells and microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, infections and even tumors. And such exposure is the only way to “turn on” your sleeping immunity.

Health is a state of body and soul in which a person does not have diseases. In this matter, a huge role is played by emotions, energy for recreational activities and regular performance of healthy procedures. Experts have found that there is a direct relationship between negative thoughts and body reaction, which is called psychosomatic.

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