International expert on healthy nutrition Dr. Duke Johnson recently published a shocking conclusion: he was able to prove that the growth of chronic diseases is directly related to the industrial production of products! Scientists are sounding the alarm: food has begun to kill us! The Swiss specialists went the furthest. They examined the bodies of people after death and came to sad results: it turns out that the food from the shops do not just harm us — they mummify our body alive!

To prove this, the American consultant on healthy nutrition Karen Harahan conducted an experiment. She wanted to find out how much time is going to last a normal hamburger from fast food. Incredible, but the Burger did not deteriorate as much as 12 years! It is not rotten or moldy, but only withered to the state of a sole. Experts claim that this sandwich became eternal because it was made from genetically modified products.

Everyone wants to be healthy, live long and eat only healthy food. We carefully choose products that say “no preservatives” or “no GMOs” and try to look in supermarkets for those types of products that are considered especially useful. This can be, for example, drinking yogurt with magic bacteria called “probiotics”. But here buyers are waiting for a fatal mistake.

Do you still believe in myths about living bacteria? Do not believe — you are being deceived! We are all told about the alleged healing power of lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, but many scientists believe that this information is unreliable. In fact, all these beneficial bacteria originally live in the body of any person: they are part of the intestinal microflora and help break down food. With a lack of such bacteria, dysbacteriosis really occurs, but it is useless to eat them, because when they enter the stomach, these bacteria die in the aggressive environment of gastric juice.

And microbiologists from the Canadian University of Guelph claim that there are no beneficial bacteria in drinking yogurts at all! They for several months tried to find them in advertised “miracle drinks”, but none of the hundreds of jars no miracle bacteria was found, but they had a lot of harmful preservatives and dyes.

Were received and more shocking results of the research. In recent years, dramatically younger deadly disease “pancreatic necrosis”. This is nothing but the death of the pancreas. Incredibly, almost all people admitted to the hospital with such a diagnosis admit that they led a healthy lifestyle and actively used fermented milk products. Doctors sounded the alarm: the abuse of yogurt does not cure, but kills people!

The abuse of industrial yogurt does not cure, but kills people!

The public organization “Truth about food” conducted its own investigation. Experts were able to find out that almost all dairy products contained the same component E-1442. It is a modified starch that is added to improve the consumer properties of the product, but it is prohibited for use in baby food. Once in the body, it decomposes to the state of the corresponding alcohol, and in the child’s body, alcohols are not only very poorly processed, but may not decompose at all to simple sugars, as it should be.

Supplement E-1442 referred to as “cross-linked” starch. These thickeners are created from genetically modified corn and have very large branched molecules. Such starches deal a cruel blow to the pancreas: this sensitive organ simply does not understand what it needs to produce to digest these substances, so it reacts to them as a poison.

Independent studies conducted in Russia, France, Canada and Argentina have shown that experimental animals fed transgenic soy or corn have the same problems with the intestines, stomach, liver and kidneys — that is, with those organs that are responsible for digestion and excretion.

It would seem that we, the Russians, have nothing to worry about, because in Russia the cultivation of GMO plants is prohibited! But not everything is so simple, because we have allowed the use of GMO raw materials. This is what manufacturers use: according to statistics, about 70 % of all dairy products are made from genetically modified raw materials.

What is GMO and why is it so actively used by foreign manufacturers? A GMO is a living organism whose genes have been artificially altered. Unlike breeding, genetic engineering allows you to transfer not one but a whole bunch of genes into a new organism, for example, to vaccinate a cow to fruits, and a spider to flowers. But what happens if a person eats this monster?

Biochemists at new York University were the first to prove the monstrous effect of GMOs on the human body. Experts have found that agrobacteria, which are used to introduce foreign genes in the creation of GMOs, can be transformed not only in plants, but also in a living organism! With the help of these agrobacteria, scientists modeled on animals the symptoms of the most terrible and mysterious disease of our time-Morgellon’s disease. It’s like a scene in a Hollywood horror movie: people itch all over their bodies, and it feels like someone is constantly crawling under their skin. Then boils appear on the skin, and threads like hair and spores begin to emerge from the wounds, which will soon turn into flying insects. The cause of this disease is parasites that live in the water.

Unknown substances which are deposited on the ground together with precipitation, are called chitrali. Conspiracy theorists believe that chemtrails are traces of intentional chemical spraying, but most experts tend to consider them a consequence of poor ecology and industrial emissions into the atmosphere.

Recently, independent scientists collected fiber samples from chemtrails and from morgellon disease victims and sent them to different laboratories for examination. The result was stunning! It turned out that the fibers from the atmosphere (chemtrails) are like a “baby” version of those that grow from the body of sick people, only the victims of Morgellon disease, these fibers are more developed and resemble the finest nanowires.

What is it-a biological weapon or the consequences of bad ecology? To get an answer to this serious question, scientists are now closely watching the construction of some biological laboratories in the CIS, actively sponsored by the United States. On the territory of such facilities, pathogens can be created, aimed at defeating a particular genotype, fauna or even the population of a particular country.

Of course, now American representatives say that these laboratories operate exclusively for peaceful research purposes or, say, for the purpose of employment of former Soviet military microbiologists, as, for example, in Kazakhstan. Nevertheless, there are reasons (very good reasons!) to believe that military biological activities directed against Russia, China, Iran and the CSTO countries can be carried out in such laboratories.

In October 2013, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko said that the activities of a Georgian laboratory, not controlled by the Georgian authorities, may be an important link in the offensive part of the military biological potential of the United States. The reason for this statement was the outbreak of African swine fever, which struck the Voronezh, Rostov and Tver regions in the summer of 2013. More than strange was the outbreak of a disease called foot-and-mouth disease, defeated in Soviet times, which struck cows in the Kuban. Where in the last few years in our country there were viruses that have never been before?

After representatives of the Russian authorities sounded the alarm, the laboratory in Georgia was closed. But in January 2014, it was announced the construction of a similar laboratory in Kazakhstan. Residents of Almaty, where the object is being built, demanded an explanation: they learned that strains of plague, cholera and anthrax — classic samples of biological weapons-will soon be delivered to the laboratory.

Negotiations on the construction of a biological laboratory in Kazakhstan have been going on for a long ten years. What did Kazakh scientists fear-a biological threat or the possibility to miss the construction of a facility worth 108 million US dollars, which is much higher than the standard costs for such institutions? Or maybe they were just waiting for instructions from overseas?

To find the answer to this question, it is important to note that the United States in 2001 refused to accept the Protocol to the Convention on the prohibition of biological weapons. Formally, they took this step because of the threat of bioterrorism, which arose after the famous case of sending letters with anthrax spores, but in fact this step unleashed their hands for the construction of laboratories, which seem to be deliberately built in seismically disadvantaged areas.

So, for experts, the answer to this question is obvious: this is how the virus is “thrown” into a particular area. First, with the help of a network of laboratories, its properties are tested on a group of people of a certain genotype. After that, the epidemic begins, and the” country-manufacturer “of the virus shows ostensibly “brotherly help”, sending a trial batch of drugs to the disaster area. Then there is the main character-a foreign pharmaceutical machine, earning billions in the production of drugs for non-existent or imposed diseases.

The fact that drugs for fictional diseases do not cure, but cripple, also States the Italian oncologist Tulio Simoncini. As a specialist in metabolic disorders, he opposes traditional approaches to treating the global cancer epidemic. Simoncini believes that the official Oncology has died, because at the level of philosophy of science, it is impossible to continue research that lasts more than 100 years, it is already an intellectual fraud. So the starting point from which they started — the idea of a cage going mad-is false.

Many people are cured of cancer is not through traditional medical procedures. We do not believe this path is the only right one, but we believe that it should not be neglected either: why expose people to an expensive chemotherapy procedure, if in some cases the cancer is successfully treated with antifungal drugs, diet and folk remedies to maintain immunity? But the pharmaceutical business does not aim to cure cancer, says Dr. Simoncini: why cure the disease, if you can pump money to fight the symptoms! Thus, there is a world of the octopus that controls the medicine and pharmaceutics. Every year, 9 million people die, for 100 years of research, cancer is not completely solved, and doctors continue to talk about new and new research.

Every year, 9 million people die from cancer, but the mystery of this disease still remains unsolved.

December 2013, France. At a press conference at the Marseille Institute of Microbiology, geneticist Jean-Michel Clavery makes a sensational statement: he claims that he has managed to detect the largest virus on Earth, which has an extraterrestrial origin!

The Newspapers carried the words of Dr. Clavery on the front pages. But genetics are particularly alarmed virologists, because viruses are the most insidious of all microorganisms, as they are prone to permanent mutations. They are supported by supporters of the theory of extraterrestrial origin of viruses: they prove the alien origin of the most terrible epidemics on Earth, starting with the plague pandemic called “Black death”, which in the XIV century killed half the population of Europe, and ending with an unknown disease, which was discovered in 2007 in one of the mountain villages of Peru after the fall of a meteorite.

In 2013, a group of French researchers took water samples off the coast of Chile. Antibiotics were then added to the water to kill the bacteria. Amoebas were added to the samples where there were no bacteria left. When the single-celled organisms died, the researchers saw that in the samples there was an unknown form of life, absolutely not similar to the bacterial one!

For the first time, a microorganism has been discovered in which about 93 % of the genes have no analogues known on the planet Earth. About 90 % of these genes have never been observed by scientists, and the rest of the genes, even if they were previously found in other viruses, the functions were unknown. Thus, this leads us to the idea that such a genetic code may have an extraterrestrial origin.

But this virus struck scientists not only with its mysterious genetics — it was so huge that it can be seen even in a school microscope! The size of the virus exceeded 1000 nanometers, while the size of all known viruses barely reach 500. Scientists have named a mysterious virus in honor of the mythical goddess Pandora, and they are sure that this virus is a living creature.

Jean-Michel Clavery believes that it is impossible to say for sure that the virus is alive when it is outside the cell, but once it is inside it, the parasitic organism that begins to develop in the cell becomes alive.

But how could this virus get to our planet? There are whole scientific schools that work with frozen soil. Especially many such studies are conducted in Siberia. In these studies, you can see a model of extraterrestrial life, which can be, for example, on Mars. Studies have shown that even if the temperature is very low and the water is frozen, the existence of microorganisms is possible. Perhaps, it is not excluded and the intervention of an alien “parcel” with the help of meteorites in the process of origin of life on Earth.

Dr. Clavery is confident that further study of the “pandoravirus” will help to uncover the secrets of ferocious epidemics caused by dangerous pathogenic microbes, such as plague or Spanish flu, because so far humanity has not been able to completely defeat any virus. It seems that in this fight we are clearly losing…

Until now, humanity has not managed to completely defeat any virus.

In the spring of 2014, the scientific world was stunned by a sensation from microbiologists: in Siberia, at a depth of thirty meters, the largest virus in history was found – pythovirus Siberium. It had been frozen for thirty thousand years, but it was still viable. In the laboratory in Pushchino this fossil infection began to multiply as if nothing had happened. Scientists believe that because of global climate change on the planet will be deadly viruses to which humanity is not immune.

For more than ten years in a row, average annual temperatures in Yakutia are breaking all records. December 2013 was the warmest in the history of observations, but failed under the ice cars and houses coming off piles — not the worst consequence of the melting of permafrost. The problem is that along with carbon dioxide from the depths rise and microorganisms. Until recently, they were considered primitive: the size of the largest virus did not exceed 100 nanometers, and its DNA consisted of only 10 genes. But in recent years, giant viruses have also been discovered: the DNA of the Siberian virus contains two and a half thousand genes, that is, its ability to mutate is 200 times greater than the virus of traditional influenza.

Until recently, it was also thought that giant viruses parasitize only on amoebas. However, last year, DNA traces of another giant virus were found in the blood of an 11-month-old boy, which has a complex set of genes: it was the genetic material of animals, birds, plants, as well as other viruses.

The very concept of the virus was discovered only at the end of the XIX century. In 1887, Russian scientist Dmitry Ivanovsky studied tobacco leaf disease in Ukraine and found particles that are not visible in a microscope and pass freely through sterilization filters. It was found that a bacterium is a cell and a virus is a precellular structure that has a DNA or RNA chain present.

Genetic chains are the programs that determine the goals and objectives of the virus. But the realization of this fact came only a hundred years later, and with the spread of computers, scientists began to treat viruses as self-developing information structures.

American scientist Craig Vetner in his laboratory has created a single-celled organism, which is controlled by synthetic DNA. In the future, such microorganisms, depending on their genetic program, will be able to create anything from medicines to gasoline. But such prospects are not only very tempting, but also very dangerous: synthetic organisms in the hands of attackers can produce poisons or new viruses, that is, biological weapons, and knowing the genome of a potential enemy, its action can be made selective, and this will be worse than an atomic bomb.

It is no accident that Wetner’s discovery caused a storm of protest in the society. The Vatican said that creating life is the right of the Creator. Representatives of churches and public organizations demanded from the international community to ban the ” game of God — – to adopt a moratorium on developments in the field of synthetic biology.

Yekaterinburg is also aware of the danger posed by the development of biological weapons. The spring of 1979, the residents still remember as the greatest tragedy. It all started on April 3, on this day, the emergency room of the 24th city hospital received a call an hour after the shift began: urgently prepare reserve places for infectious patients. And only ten days later in the local press was published information about the outbreak of anthrax. Its source was called meat sold at the local market. Was immediately formed, ambulance doctors went from house to house and flats, looked at all the fridges. On the streets appeared people in suits chemical protection — they treated from fire hoses roads, wall workshops, high-rise buildings and private homes, and at night rooftop homes watered with aircraft some reddish liquid.

People seriously feared for the lives of their children, but the virus acted selectively — only on young men. On the Eastern cemetery of Yekaterinburg there are hundreds of such burials: age – from 25 to 50 years, date of death-April-may 1979.

According to one version, on the night of March 31 in the laboratory for packaging anthrax spores clogged filter. It was removed, and a new one was put only at the end of the shift, so for several hours the air from the infected room came out. The wind carried the microscopic killers for several kilometers, and the employees of the secret enterprise did not even suspect that people were dying around. In parallel with the bacilli of death, a vaccine was developed, which was necessarily vaccinated by the entire population of the closed town, but for reasons of secrecy, this vaccine was never given to the citizens…

Anthrax viruses are not accidentally stored in special laboratories in many countries of the world. The most severe form of this disease — pulmonary-has almost one hundred percent killing power, and a few kilograms of anthrax spores can kill the entire population of a small European country.

And these are our days. April 2010, Tver region, Ivankovskoye reservoir, better known as the Moscow sea. Anthrax viruses are also stored on its banks, but not in secret special laboratories, but in free access: on the banks of the reservoir there are hundreds of animal burial grounds, near which it is even dangerous to be! But few people know about it. And the worst thing is that the cattle graves are also at the bottom of the ivankovsky reservoir. This artificial body of water, connected to the Moscow river by a canal of the same name, provides fresh water to the capital and half of the Moscow region. It appeared on the map in 1937. During the construction of the reservoir, the County town of korcheva and several dozen surrounding villages that fell into the zone of flooding were destroyed. And along with them the water was 43 and the cemetery.

Anthrax spores can be in a “dormant” state for 300 years. To Wake them, you just need to stir the remains of bacteria: the slightest change in temperature or humidity around the dormant infection, and it will Wake up.

Anthrax spores can be in a “dormant” state for 300 years, and the slightest change in ambient temperature or humidity is enough to Wake them up.

Ivankovskoye reservoir today is a prestigious area with a beautiful landscape. 15 years ago, this area began to sell for cottage development, and people began to actively dig pits and drill wells. But the fact that the sites are on the territory of animal burial grounds, in any document is not specified.

You can not destroy the burial-anthrax Bacillus can not even burn. The state of the soil and water is checked very rarely: the authorities refer to the lack of money, the high cost of conducting tests. Locals fear that in the spring, with the resumption of construction on private plots, the area will again resemble a minefield, and their life — a game of Russian roulette: get an excavator or a drill to the deadly remains or not. And how many people will die if anthrax breaks free, no one knows…

Viruses and bacteria can change their genetic program. Some scientists, who hold special views that go against the conventional wisdom, tend to believe that some higher form of life with the help of viruses exercises control over the earth’s civilization.

Many professional scientists do not doubt the extraterrestrial origin of viruses, because particles of these firmware are found in meteorites. Chemical analysis of fragments of a celestial body that fell on December 29, 2012 on the territory of Sri Lanka, showed that the celestial guest contains carbon and organic substances, and under an electron microscope, scientists found fossils of microscopic algae there. In space asteroid wandered many thousands of years, and existing in it viruses all of this time virtually not differed from conventional stone.

Scientists have repeatedly found such “crystals” in meteorites. But once the virus is on Earth in the right conditions, as his genetic program immediately begins to work on reproduction, and any living cell he is able to turn into a factory for the production of their clones.

  1. In the world, the worst flu virus is rampant: in two years, the Spaniard “mowed down” about 25 % of the world’s population. Death came very quickly, and the victims were young people. Even then, scientists believed that the terrible virus was brought to Earth by the Tunguska meteorite. But did the Higher powers punish humanity for the atrocities of the First world war? Since then, the flu virus has mutated annually.

Throughout the long history of the Earth, viruses have killed entire civilizations several times. In 1987, Soviet archaeologists made a sensational discovery: on the territory of the southern Urals, they discovered a previously unknown ancient country. Surprisingly, until that time, well-preserved ancient cities remained unnoticed. In fact, these settlements were so large that military aerial photographs considered them agricultural buildings, and only after these photos fell into the hands of archaeologists, they became a scientific sensation.

This discovery was as follows. From a bird’s-eye view, experts found a civilization in the Urals that surpassed Ancient Egypt in age and development. The round-shaped cities were built with geometric precision, and up to 2,500 people lived within their walls. For two thousand years before our era in ancient Arkaim there was metallurgy, besides the people who lived in those places, had perfect astronomical knowledge. The Arkaim loved to travel, were well armed, but never fought with anyone. Archaeological excavations have revealed another surprising fact: several times thousands of residents of a prosperous, enlightened and happy settlement were forced to leave at one point, setting fire to their homes during the retreat. The reason for the barbaric arson of his own city remains a mystery. Perhaps it is associated with a viral infection, because of which the disease affected primarily children.

Virologists know a lot of similar diseases that affect children. For example, the Epstein — Barr virus, which acts primarily on the immune system. In the absence of drugs to get rid of such a disease, there was only one way — to turn to the gods.

After the fire, the ashes stood untouched for several years, then people returned, and the settlement was revived. But one day the people didn’t come back. An unknown virus destroyed Arkaim, and traces of a highly developed civilization were lost. And later tribes in this area already led a primitive way of life.

And in 2001, deciphering the human genome, scientists found an unexpected fact: most of the DNA molecule were broken, “garbage genes”. About their appointment, experts argued for ten years, and only recently it became clear that it is not garbage, but parts of various viruses — a real encyclopedia from which the immune system draws information about dangerous microorganisms.

It turns out that without viruses, people could not have children. The fact is that the immune system of the female body mercilessly kills all foreign cells, but the sperm of a man contain a virus that blocks the work of the cells that guard the woman. Only thanks to him sperm freely penetrates into the egg, and the embryo is formed.

At the time, the outstanding Russian microbiologist Georgy Zavarzin formulated a curious theory about the role of bacteria on Earth. He believed that the main inhabitants of the planet are bacteria, and people are something like transit passengers.

Bacteria live inside every person. Without them, we would not be able to digest food and get nutrients. This is what distinguishes bacteria from viruses, most of which are hostile to humans, especially those in the hands of the military. Biological weapons programs existed in Britain, Japan, and the United States. In the 1940s, Britain planned to use it against Germany. This biological infection was tested on an island off the coast of Scotland, and due to widespread anthrax contamination, the land remained off-limits until 1990.

Furthest in the creation of biological weapons has progressed in the Soviet Union. The biggest mystery of the Aral sea was that since 1954 the world’s largest test site for biological weapons had been operating there.

This range consisted of two Islands. On the island of Revival was built a closed city Kantubek, or Aralsk-7. Its population exceeded fifteen hundred people. There was a laboratory complex with all the necessary infrastructure: a residential village, a school, a hospital and a military garrison. It was possible to get there only by plane, and the huge runway for the military unit is still clearly visible in satellite images.

Next door was the island of Constantine. It was on it that the tests of biological weapons were carried out. In the laboratories of this secret island were fighting strains of viruses and bacteria. Reliably recorded case of a leak of a combat virus that occurred in 1971. Then on the island of Constantine tests were conducted biopreparation of smallpox. To do this, a small bomb weighing only 400 grams was detonated. But at the moment of the explosion, the wind direction over the island suddenly changed, and this cloud went to the North, to the city of Aralsk. As a result, eight people were killed, including children. The spread of the fighting virus throughout the country then prevented only harsh measures, as a result of which Aralsk for some time became a closed city.

After this ecological disaster, the secret became clear. Today, there is no sea around the former landfill, and herds of wild animals graze in places where thousands of their relatives died from terrible diseases. The last people from Renaissance island were evacuated in 1992. Because of the risk of biological weapons spores hitting the Mainland, the military abandoned everything from furniture to laboratory equipment.

In 1995, a group of American scientists from the so-called decontamination battalion visited Renaissance island. The results of work on the former landfill immediately classified, but soon after that, the American press leaked sensational information: the fighting strain of anthrax from the island of Revival mutated and became even more dangerous! For seven years it could not destroy even chlorine!

In the XX century, virologists learned to “train” the human immune system: there were techniques when using vaccinations” loaded ” information about dangerous firmware. So it was possible to completely defeat smallpox, tularemia, cholera, plague and many other diseases that just 100 years ago killed tens of millions of people on the planet. However, it is too early to relax: now the main threat is the merger of biological and virtual space.

Surprisingly, these are the abilities of ordinary bacteria from time immemorial. Recently, British microbiologists conducted an interesting experiment. In one container, the scientists grew a large colony of bacteria, then divided it into two parts and sent it to different cities. One of the two halves was killed by poison, and this effect also changed the properties of the bacteria contained in the second bowl. This has led scientists to talk about the collective intelligence that bacteria possess, that is, every tiny cell collects information and transmits it to everyone else. As a result, even those bacteria that have not been in direct contact with them adapt to antibiotics.

Scientists believe that bacteria can have a collective mind, thanks to which even those bacteria that have not been in direct contact with them adapt to antibiotics.

The mechanism of communication of microorganisms was discovered recently. French scientist Luc Montagnier has been studying viruses and bacteria as carriers of information for many years. In his laboratory, he made an incredible discovery: he found that microorganisms exchange information with each other using electromagnetic waves. As a result, scientists were able to isolate the information signals of specific viruses and bacteria, to catch and decipher the radio transmission, which is, for example, the AIDS virus.

Electromagnetic waves can be used to determine which cell the virus is hiding in, because the electromagnetic signal contains complete information about the structure and composition of its DNA. This was clearly proved: Luc Montagnier was able to transmit a biological virus via the Internet.

In fact, scientists have confirmed the possibility of teleportation, when at any distance is transmitted not the body itself, and accurate information about it. This means that viruses do not have to come to Earth with meteorites: radio telescopes constantly record a powerful stream of electromagnetic signals from distant stars, and each of them can transmit the genetic code of the virus. Then the virus is synthesized in the waters of The oceans — all the components for this on Earth.

Today, hundreds of scientists around the world are trying to prolong human life. This can be done with the help of information technology: eternal life will exist in a virtual space that will be as limitless as space. Each person will be able to create conditions that in real life he could only dream of. The only problem is that new computer programs will still be available to viruses.

Computer viruses are created by people. And who controls biological viruses? This power is beyond our comprehension. The ancient Greeks saw each person as a separate universe, and from the point of view of a microscopic virus, so it is. For billions of years, viruses travel within their universes and penetrate into others. From the point of view of the cosmos, humanity is the same virus parasitizing the cell of the Universe called the Earth. Perhaps looking at us, studying us, and yet not touch, because to destroy the virus only together with the cage, and the cage is a pity. But sooner or later, human life will go beyond the Earth and begin to infect other planets. That’s when it will be decided whether the supermind of the Universe needs a virus called Man.

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