Shocking statistics say: today, every second modern man has a sore back or neck. And it is very dangerous! Crunches the spine when you turn your head? Sore lower back? Pulling at the shoulder blades? Welcome to the twenty-first century — these symptoms have now assumed the character of an epidemic!

But how did it happen? Why do even healthy young men become frail and hunched? Experts confidently say that this is to blame for the modern way of life, new behavioral habits and scientific and technological progress.

We sit all the time: sitting at a Desk in the office, driving a car, at the bar or at home in front of the TV. As a result, we suffer from chronic pain in the lower back, knees and joints. And when we remember that it would be necessary to stretch the muscles, for some reason we approach this issue radically: on the weekend we run on skis for a few hours, and on vacation we go on a mountain hike for a few days. But after such temporary loads, we return to our seats and continue to sit.

Experts say that the main danger lies in such a sharp change of activities. We still remember that the strong half of humanity should show strength, but “real Russian man” does everything not by calculation, but by the call of his soul! He will lie 33 years on the stove, and then suddenly go to help neighbors when moving or drag the stairs cast-iron bath. He would sit in traffic for three hours and then he would throw bags of potatoes into the trunk and, if necessary, he would pull out the car stuck in a snowdrift with his bare hands.

As a result, this “real” man will receive a diagnosis — intervertebral hernia! People say: ruptured… And then what operation? Or is it treatment Wellness exercises? But what? Many people try everything: services in polyclinics, physiotherapy rooms, fitness centers. But it is possible that after an active run quite unnecessary in this case to exercise or medical appointments health gradually begins to deteriorate.

Why is this happening? The answer is simple: not every movement heals! To really feel the health effect of treatment and exercise, you need a special system of therapeutic gymnastics — kinesitherapy.

Physical activity should be regular! If you do not fix the result, the body will quickly return to its original state and all the pain symptoms will appear again. So wouldn’t a real man find two hours once every two days to exercise instead of being permanently crippled?

Physical activity should be regular: if you do not fix the result, the body will quickly return to its original state and all the pain symptoms will appear again.

Doctor of medical Sciences Sergey Mikhailovich Bubnovsky in his practice discovered what we had never told anyone: if you move a little, the muscles weaken, and in this case, with any injury, they will recover worse than trained and prepared. For example, with torn ligaments in the knee, few patients recover — most of them may have a limp for life. In the hospital in such cases, apply a bandage, inject analgesic and forbid to move, the knee must be alone! And if it is self-willed, and the hospital can cancel.

Paradoxically, it is necessary to cope with such injuries not as it was done before. First, the muscles must work, then they relaxed and turned on the regeneration process. In case of knee injury, kinesitherapy experts recommend not to sit, but to move: bend and unbend the knee and walk a lot, no matter how much it hurts. This is how the joint is developed. And no matter how resisted conventional traumatologists, regular training will help to recover faster and more effectively.

But in modern men, the biggest problem with the back, which arises from the lack of proper loads on the spine, are intervertebral hernias. Sounds scary, but at the age from 30 to 55 years, in the most active phase of life, this illness almost every sixth Russian! And many do not know about it or are afraid even to think about the diagnosis and finding out the causes of pain in his own back.

Meanwhile, there is a real, courageous and almost free method to overcome this problem of the XXI century — decompression exercises doktora Bubnovskogo. The essence of this method is that with the help of special shock absorbers, the patient can work with the muscle in a supine position, which is important in acute pain. In this case, the joint is not loaded. Some patients are confused in this technique by the fact that the work takes place at the stage of the inflammatory process, and the person has to deal with, overcoming pain. But it’s right, and real men are not afraid!

For health, the body must be kept in good shape. It is not necessary to heal a person-sometimes it is enough just to help the body recover on its own, and to take drugs or painkillers injections should be resorted to only as a last resort.

But now acute chronic diseases are a whole industry! Doctors benefit from maintaining an established cycle: blockade-vitamins-massage and gymnastics, because it all costs a lot of money, and the cost of such treatment sometimes does not even cover insurance. And few ordinary people know that you can recover for free: the right movement can cure the most terrible problems with the spine.

The process of rehabilitation after injuries is always long and very difficult. A person needs to give 110 %, because he becomes a blacksmith of his health! But, having made certain efforts and having adjusted for the best, it is always possible to expect a positive result.

The process of rehabilitation after injuries is always long and very difficult. A person needs to give 110%, but with some effort, you can always expect a positive result.

Sergey Bubnovsky has experienced this on their own experience.

Many years ago, he was in a serious accident and could also never get out of the wheelchair, but he began to look for a way to recover, and it turned out that it is possible! Today, Dr. Bubnovsky is sure that the rehabilitation period should begin immediately after injury. And sometimes with this approach, the operation may not be necessary at all.

Sergey Mikhailovich has developed for the Russian team “KAMAZ-master”, which participated in the legendary race “Paris — Dakar”, a special set of exercises, and he has repeatedly saved injured participants in this tough race from a wheelchair. Every race competition is always about speed, power and the roar of engines on the toughest tracks in the desert, but the joy of winning is often overshadowed by accidents.

Dr. bubnowski was one of the few who could diagnose without a history and repair broken vertebrae in the field of hot Sahara. And this is incredible: the riders received a serious injury to the spine, but continued to go on!

This means that our body is a very smart system, programmed for active movement, and this is the main secret of our health and longevity.

The human body is a very smart system, programmed for active movement, and this is the main secret of our health and longevity.

Few people know that the vast majority of back problems appear due to excess weight, and the overgrown tummy and round sides of these problems only exacerbate. Experts explain it this way: the fat layer on the abdomen, hips and back leads to a decrease in blood circulation in the spine, so acute pain in the lower back very often haunts people with excess weight.

Why is this happening? The fact is that the adipose tissue, like other organs, is permeated with blood vessels, and it takes all the blood intended for the muscles. Therefore, the more a person has excess weight, that is, adipose tissue, the less blood enters his internal organs, and to the spine it simply ceases to reach! And as a consequence-an overweight person can experience sharp pain with an elementary inclination.

Today it is believed that if a person works in an office, then he has achieved success. Many people tend to get away from this man’s work to sitting at the table and rare races in the Smoking room, so healthy men are becoming less! But in the USSR in the morning from the radio was a call to perform gymnastic exercises. People, going to work, in the morning listened to (and some did) morning exercises and tuned in to active weekdays. Even in the workplace (in workshops, classrooms, outdoors or in schools) was a production break to exercise. And most of us do not think about how much we have lost by ceasing to do such warm-UPS!

But after perestroika, we began to instill a Western approach to body culture. With this approach, gymnastics has never aroused much interest — in the West, the focus is on simulators that will work for you: and spend, and massage, and give the desired shape.

Fashion for fitness came to us from abroad.

In the 2000s, fitness clubs grew all over Russia like mushrooms after rain. It’s not bad, of course, but we don’t have a school to train qualified coaches who really know what regular office regulars need. So appear in the gym instructors-beginners who think that with the simulators, they just cope — but what is there to be able to!

Therefore, today a fitness club is primarily a place where customers earn money.

In America, the fashion for sports marathons is raging, and it’s not always about running. People stand and do nothing — this exercise is called “plank”. Adherents of this technique say: if you stand like this for 30 days for 5 minutes a day, then your figure is transformed into what you want!

So you can stand in different places, bringing a sporty lifestyle to the point of absurdity: “plank” on a tree, on a ladder, on a tape in a supermarket or even on the roadway… That is, a lot of variations are offered, limited only by imagination, and for the sake of “likes” on the Internet you can climb on the wing of an airplane!

But why do people do it? The answer is simple: it’s just a fashion statement. Now it is very fashionable to show their good shape, posting in social networks video-who will stand how long in the bar.

Online publications are full of articles and tips: stay in the bar for 30 days for 30 seconds, and you will become super-slim! But if it were that simple… Moreover, this exercise can be extremely dangerous!

So, in Australia, a young man died after performing the bar! He decided to prove to his friends that he can hang in static, anywhere. The tipsy company at the party chose the balcony railing for his exercises, and as a result the young guy lost his balance and fell from the eighth floor.

This, of course, extremes, but many adherents of this “fitness” do not even suspect that the bar is contraindicated for people with vascular and heart diseases, because in the static stress, which is aimed at this exercise, the blood flow slows down, so the “bar” can even lead to a heart attack or stroke!

But if you are young and healthy, but not physically prepared to perform serious exercises, then stand in the bar will also be useful — it is necessary to start somewhere! But as with any exercise, perform it need, taking into account characteristics of your body, not just following the fashion.

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