Many people who suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system or injured, or not treated, or try to be treated on their own, for example on the books — at home or in the fitness center. Many people think that if they start to move, exercise, swim or perform any physical exercises, they will recover by themselves, without a system. But it is important to understand that for the adequate rehabilitation of a person with chronic diseases of the spine and joints or injured, it is necessary to know at least the basics of pathological anatomy and physiology. For this reason, each patient should work with a specialist in modern kinesitherapy, who will teach him to breathe properly, move and push up taking into account the General condition of his body. To study independently and effectively in the book may be the only one who went through similar lessons specialist. Books help patients to understand their actions, and when these “self-propelled” problems arise, then to solve them, they must again turn to a specialist in kinesitherapy.

Without special knowledge about the body can not understand the reaction of the body to certain actions. This can be compared to buying a car: if a person buying a car, not learned the rules of driving with an instructor, and used only the instructions to the car, which indicates the location of the gas and brake pedals, then wait for trouble-a person sits in the car, presses the gas pedal and goes only to the first pillar…

That is, to start any new action you need a specialist, preferably a professional or a person who already has experience of recovery (if it concerns rehabilitation, then at the first stage he can help). Of course, you also need to study all available information that will help to understand the features of your disease and fully understand your condition. This will help books, articles, the Internet, forums.

At the moment methods, professional medical rehabilitation, which takes into account the individual characteristics of the patient (and these features are always individual), possess only the specialists of the centers of modern kinesitherapy working on Bubnovsky’s method.

Medical rehabilitation is a set of techniques that include the following elements:

A) Independent volitional participation of the patient (or victim from injury) in active actions aimed at recovery of lost functions and produced at the simulators are localized, and a local multifunctional. The medical simulator is a way of recreating the possibility of performing the movements (power, strategovic, aerobic) that the patient himself because of his physical condition to perform the simulator is not able (for example, if he can’t catch up, push-UPS, swim, run, jump, etc.). But it has to be strong-willed part, not the mechanical performance of movements, which focused on many modern machines-the robots (the”Lokomat” and others);

B) Creating a program that takes into account the individual characteristics of each patient( victim), including comorbidities, age and physical neglect;

C) Training in the management of respiratory muscles, which helps to reduce intracranial, intra-thoracic and intra-abdominal pressure when performing strength exercises, especially those related to straining (for example, push-UPS from the floor and the like). Without learning this skill, the performance of any exercise is hopeless, since it can lead to a number of possible exacerbations (deterioration of ill health) – omission of internal organs, spasms of coronary and cerebral vessels, blood clots and so on until death;

D) Appointment of auxiliary techniques (sauna therapy, massage, balneotherapy), helping detoxification of the body (including drugs) when performing active actions. Ordinary doctors, who are not familiar with professional medical rehabilitation, do not understand these recovery and rehabilitation phenomena, so just in case during rehabilitation, prohibit any active actions, replacing them with drugs that cause intoxication of the body. But under the sleeping stone water does not flow (that is, metabolism itself is not included — he needs help);

E) The psychological mood of the patient (victim) for a long rehabilitation work. “God suffered and to us ordered”. If you survived, then we must do everything to live in dignity… Perhaps this is the most complex factor of self-healing. The main thing is to find your doctor! But it’s interesting to defeat the disease! For this it is worth straining, and the result of such tension will be a person who can help others who are in a personal accident! It’s worth living for.

Currently, in order to become an invalid, that is, a person who is not able to manage their own life support, you do not need to be injured — you just sit in an office chair and sit in it for years, thumbing through the pages of the Internet every day from nine in the morning to six in the evening. Even if on weekends such an office employee goes out of town to play football or tennis or just goes out to run along the alleys of the Park, considering it sufficient to maintain health, even if he does not drink strong alcoholic beverages on weekends, he eventually begins to feel (back, head, depressed mood) that to maintain health and good physical shape it is clearly not enough. And he does not understand why at 28 he often has a headache, and pain in the neck has become permanent. From sedentary life, he began to have problems with vision — “dry eye”, disturbed sleep, changed appetite, pelvic pain, constipation and decreased libido. And he’s only 28 years old! He asks for help from doctors, and they prescribe him a series of drugs: pills for headache and back pain, remedies for constipation, eye drops, recommend relaxation and massage sessions, acupuncture and banks. This helps, but only for 2-3 hours, and then all the problems come back, often even in a more severe manifestation…

What to do? Friends advise to contact a fitness trainer. A person goes to the fitness center, buys a subscription, packs his body in beautiful sportswear. And there he is waited by trainers in aerobics, Pilates, yoga who, as he thinks, are ready to teach him health. And so he and the coach goes to the gym, performs various exercises “for health”, and in the morning can not get up because of pain in the whole body. The man again asks for help — this time to the doctor, and he hands him a pill and prescribes … a ban on sports.

Then the aggravation, the man again goes to the fitness center, but now a specialist in yoga — these classes seem more safe: yoga instructor — a beautiful young girl shows miracles of flexibility of the spine and joints. The man, of course, tries to take the necessary poses, but his back does not bend, the joints do not spin, and in the morning everything hurts even more than the first time. This is one way again to the doctor and he again gives you a pill and, of course, a ban on the sport!

Waited! When the pain subsided, went to the pool: as they say, swimming – the safest exercise in the water. The first 50 meters were given with difficulty, but nothing: caught his breath at the side and swam again. The next 50 meters seem already endlessly long. Again caught his breath, chatted with a neighbor on the track and overcame another 50 meters, and then the 45-minute session ended. The result: swim tired, and besides, he still had a cold — the water in the pool seems cold. Again doctor, pills and ban on sport.

What to do? Maybe I should run. The man tried to run through the paths in the Park, but there was a shortness of breath and chest pain… He was afraid of how to continue to run, if in the bag are packs of pills from the heart, from pain, from spasms, and in his jacket pocket — a packet of recipes and discharged with diagnoses — one worse than another! How to live? So came the fear-the thick, dense, enveloping consciousness, fear, not letting go either day or night: what will happen next?

As they say, it’s not that simple. The disease does not come immediately — it accumulates gradually, a little bit, imperceptibly. And the symptoms of the disease-it is already formed a lump of problems that need to be solved in stages, from simple to complex, from easy to heavy (meaning exercises aimed at restoring the muscle constant of each “floor” of the body). Disease is a test of spirit and will, a test of strength and an understanding of the fact that life is a war between disease and health. The result of the victory over the disease one: life is beautiful!

Of course, the usual doctor will offer tranquilizers and antidepressants, but this easy and limp “path to health” actually leads to a dead end — depression and reduction of all vital functions. Choose!

Antidepressants lead to loss of mind and self-organization. These are very toxic drugs that are usually prescribed in inadequate doses. You want to ” lose your brain — – take them! But we advise you not to look for easy ways: for any hobby psychotropic drugs should be a serious reckoning, which you do not even realize, as mind control will be lost to you forever!

Health is a work that requires patience and tests the will, as any recovery goes through an exacerbation of comorbidities. But if the exacerbation is planned, it ends with the purification of blood vessels and the release of joints and organs from diseases, and only this way leads to the restoration of health! And not one of the points of this algorithm to restore health can not be excluded! Tune in to a long successful fight against the disease-you will be lucky!

Health is a work that requires patience and tests the will, as any recovery goes through an exacerbation of comorbidities. But if the exacerbation is planned, it ends with the purification of blood vessels and the release of joints and organs from diseases and leads to the restoration of health!

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