In the age of scientific and technological progress (NTP) medicine imperceptibly planted humanity on medical and technical, hardware and drug care and tried to do everything to make people forget about their biology and internal resources of the human body. As a result, modern people have become slaves to this very “progress”, which taught them at any health problem to call emergency medical care and lose time (and often health) to wait for the arrival of the notorious “coach 03”.

By calling an ambulance, patients hope that the doctors who have arrived will really help them, but they do not realize that the “coach 03” who arrived to them may lack the necessary medicines, and the medical staff may have low or insufficient qualifications.

I in any case am not an opponent of a medical emergency, which really saves from the death of thousands of people. But I insist that everyone should understand and know the resources of their own body — if you want, their own internal “pharmacy”. Such knowledge will help you not to waste precious time waiting for help from outside and, if necessary, as soon as possible to provide first aid yourself. In addition, it is important to know that the ambulance or emergency care unintentionally dyrenium the will of man, lifting it on high speed, but it is often toxic to the body medicines.

The fact is that to eliminate acute pain in any organ, there are many ways, both medical and natural. To get rid of pain symptoms sometimes takes a little time, but if you do not understand the cause of acute pain, it gradually turns into chronic, which does not let go of a person for months, and often years. For example, the first hypertensive crisis can be removed by drug therapy, but if you do not understand the causes of its appearance, it is transformed into coronary artery disease (myocardial ischemia), and this disease remains in a person already, as a rule, for the rest of his life!

But for medicine it is, of course, beneficial, as the first tablet or injection “pressure” turns into a complex of “vascular” drugs, and then in the course are stents, shunts and expensive heart surgery. At the same time, the quality of life of a person deteriorates significantly, he becomes intimidated and unquestioningly submits to the cardiologist. And all — life is destroyed! And the person at that time can be only 40-45 years old…

And all these problems often begin with providing the patient with first aid, which, of course, at some point is necessary, but in the future, already in the chronic form of the disease, most often directs a person not to the stadium, but to the pharmacy (in this case, by the word “stadium” I mean the natural conditions of a healthy lifestyle, that is Jogging, gymnastics, hardening). The approach is: take the medicine, and the health will do something later, now is no time.

All this applies to any health problem. Acute back pain due to primary or emergency care (injection of NSAIDs or blockade) from myofascial syndrome (spasm of the back muscles) passes into osteochondrosis. Herniated discs due to scientific and technical progress in medicine lead a person to the operating table, after which in later life he will have a disability and a wheelchair. Joint pain (arthritis, sprain) due to analgesic injections into the joint, which are considered an ambulance, and arthroscopic effects, which are called “cleaning the joint”, eventually end with arthrosis, and then joint replacement (endoprosthesis), crutches or a wheelchair.

Headaches, which often affect young people, as a result of emergency care with vascular drugs lead to antidepressants, neuroleptics and… dementia (dementia) in various forms. And the list goes on and on!

An ambulance is needed only in the most urgent cases — when it is necessary to save lives. But we must not forget that all painkillers and other emergency procedures have serious side effects that in the future can destroy health and even lead to disability.

I don’t mind a medical emergency, but… but no! I will tell you about one case from my medical practice (although during my work in medicine there were a great many such cases).

I was invited to the television to participate in the program as one of the heroes. The program was devoted to injuries received in various domestic and near-sportive conditions. Leading cause invited heroes who beautifully tell the story of his injury — with blood, “ambulance”, hospitalization and other frightening details. I must say that any television Studio is a closed space without Windows and fresh air. Everywhere Shine the lamp operators, the room is hot, stuffy and a lot of spectators, who are specially invited to the Studio to support the heroes of the transfer of applause. This is also a certain work, besides paid, so many pensioners come to the Studio, whose health, of course, no one checks, and they have their own mode of life in television.

I sit behind the scenes, waiting for my release, looking at the monitor that shows a picture of what is happening in the Studio. Stands the heroine — the actress, who vividly describes his fall skiing, a broken leg, blood, and other horrors. And suddenly I see one of the women, the clapper, so emotionally reacted to this story that she lost consciousness and rolled down the steps between the rows. The shooting of the program was suspended, people gathered around the woman (on the air of the programs “emergency medical care” is not on duty), there were oohs, cries… the Director ran up To me:

Help, doctor!

I run up to the woman who has lost consciousness, and I see that compassionate people wave to her on a face scarves, splash water, thrust into a mouth some tablets through already turning blue lips… What you will do, they so got used! A woman is not something that can not swallow, it is generally already out there somewhere, not with us… I took her feet of shoes, lifted her leg and began to work with the foot and leg, trying to restore blood flow to the heart, which in such cases as is scrambled. Usually this technique helps instantly, and then I see that the knee does not bend, and she’s numb: another moment and all! Then I resorted to a radical method: I began to massage the tip of her nose with the palm of my hand. She shuddered, shook her head: Yes, it hurts! The main thing — not to break his nose. And now she has opened his eyes: “Where am I?..»

I “breathed” it with my hands and feet — this is a special gymnastics, quite simple. I started asking her questions, but of course she didn’t remember anything. This happened for the first time, and the woman was about 65-68. I recommended sending her home. As a result, everything went well for this woman, but if everyone hoped only for “emergency medical care”, she would not have had time to drive up, and the doctor of the TV company — to run. Until he would find until he would take his bag while he ran… to live As the woman was only a few minutes.

Such cases in my practice (or rather, in life, because it often happens in unexpected places) was a lot. A sharp pain in the back, which occurs instantly, but attracts a person to the bed sometimes for many weeks… If you know what to do in these first minutes, then there would not be such a waste of time. Often in such cases under hands and there is nothing, except themselves hands. What if there’s no one healthy around?!!

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