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Antibiotics: the five most important facts

Home of antibacterial drugs: why a short course of treatment can hurt if you can drink alcohol during treatment and in some cases, cheaper antibiotics does not give way.

"Antibiotic" in Greek literally means "against life." In reality, no one is fighting for our lives with you as they are. Since then, in 1928, the English microbiologist Fleming Penicillin first isolated and virtually launched the revolution in the field of antimicrobial agents, antibiotics have saved millions of lives and have won previously incurable disease. But even today the effectiveness of antibiotics - is not a panacea. And often we are to blame for this, because more ancient saw: "strong medicine in his hand inexperienced, like a sword in his hand mad."

Introducing the "hits" of popular myths and facts about antibiotics.

1st Place: Antibiotics may appoint a doctor


"Why do I need a doctor? Now the search engine Fill in your symptoms, identify the disease and prescribe treatment to himself. " Some twenty years ago, doctors did not know that the Internet can become their "competitor", with a competitor is not the most successful and competent. Nowadays recorded many cases where the doctor is forced to patient who himself appointed antibiotics, naively believing that the collective mind of the Internet is much smarter than the usual district clinic therapist. No and no again. Only a specialist can determine what you treat, and, most importantly, how. Trust your doctor, not an anonymous advisers on the forums, and then you do not have to wonder than to dilute the dry antibiotic - saline water for injection or novocaine. Yes, the answers to these and many other questions even knows your humble local therapist, trust to which we, the patients, because of the all-knowing Internet less and less.

2nd Place: Antibiotic price proportional to its effectiveness


Marketers have long noticed - the cheaper the product, the less confidence in him. This misconception often our mind is working against us and the choice of antibiotics. We begin to argue with the doctor: "How can I assign a medicine for 1$, when there is a preparation for 5$! Surely it efficiently because it is more expensive! And the course will be less, and complications will not torture. " Keep in mind, in some diseases of the elementary penicillin will work faster and "softer" than modern synthetic drug.

Again, here the last word will be for your doctor and tests for sensitivity to antibiotics. If the doctor assigns you a drug that costs serious impact on the family budget, be sure to ask if there are any in this medication "generic", ie preparation of exactly the same composition, but differ greatly in price in the smaller side, and with a different name.

3rd place: antibiotics do not help with colds


The word "cold" our man includes a wide range of diseases - from herpes to the flu and sore throats. Here again, you need to return to the first step of our hit parade and not to self-medicate.

Remember the main thing - antibiotics are powerless before the viruses that cause the so-called cold: the already weakened body will function even harder when you start to stuff themselves expensive, powerful and ... useless if, for example, the flu, antibiotics.

4th place: Antibiotics and alcohol are incompatible


That's what you have heard hundreds of times. In any party there exists a man with a sad expression on his face, doomed, that the question "Why do not you drink today," he utters a barely audible voice: "I'm on antibiotics." It would seem to be sad about? You are doing a useful thing for your body, to take the necessary preparations. Some give up and famously say: "Pour."

Well, if the simultaneous reception of alcohol and antibiotics will respond "only" a serious load on the liver. The most unpleasant - severe side effects (vomiting, impaired consciousness, abnormal state by the cardio-vascular system), which is alcohol in combination with certain antibiotics is widespread. And more alcohol decreases or increases the effects of drugs that may violate the regimen.

But not so categorical. If you allow your willpower, one glass "for the company" wines along with a course of antibiotics is appropriate. But note - it is a course, rather than after the drug pour alcohol. It is one thing - the drug in the blood, and quite another - a tablet, mixed with alcohol in the stomach.

5th place: It was better - stop swallowing pills. And what harm the body


More than a century ago, the new invention of scientists - antibiotics - viewed with caution. And I must say, not in vain. The first antibiotics had a lot of side effects were toxic and the whole experience antibiotic turn out by trial and error. From here and all our fears that we gave the parents, and they - their parents. Rest assured, modern drugs are much safer than its predecessors.

Therefore, a doctor appointed by the need to follow a course of antibiotics faithfully. Moreover, the multiplicity must also be taken into account, ie, three times a day - this technique with approximately equal intervals to maintain the concentration of drug in the blood.

Further, even if the third-fourth day of reception of antibiotics, you feel an improvement, in any case, do not stop taking. The course must be completed, otherwise you risk to get acquainted with the term as "antimicrobial resistance", or resistance to this type of drug, and, as a result - a new course of another antibiotic, a new load on the body. Again, back to the first point: the doctor has appointed so many milligrams at one go - drink as much, no more, no less.

And yet never despair. Even the most serious bacterial disease in our 21 st century can be cured. Importantly, do not bother yourself doctor ... and antibiotics.